The Arkansas Writer's Conference will be held again this year at the Holiday Inn Presidential Hotel. Go to the website for more info. Come join us for two days of fun filled adventure. It's always held the first weekend (Fri-Sat) in June which will be May 31-June 1 2013

 The Ozark Creative Writer's Conference, October 7, 2010, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was a hit. I had a blast, learned much, and met loads of new people!

This poem won Second Honorable Mention:


The trees and flowers are entirely in bud

Each one a beautiful creation of God

The Birds and the bees are busy too

And the roses are all covered in dew.


Warm showers pitter-patter on the ground

Children playing on a merry-go-round

A radiant rainbow in colors of dye

Gallantly stretches out across the sky.


Steady streams run the babbling brooks

Uphill, downhill, around crannies and nooks

Dazzling like diamonds under bright sunbeams

Safe havens provide for colorful breams.

I was thrilled because it was a first time win for me!


I had the pleasure of attending the Louisiana Book Festival November 2 in Baton Rouge. It was a wonderful experience since it was the first time attending such an event. My publishing company was there representing the authors for the company.

I signed books and met lots of people at the festival. On Friday night November 1 an author's party was held. It was great to mingle and get to know many of the attending authors. The food was great and so was the entertainment.

The highlight of the evening for me was meeting Lou Gossett Jr. and taking a photo with him. I didn't realize he was there until one of the hostesses told me to make sure I look for him because he was there. It wasn't long when he came into the room. It was great chatting with such an icon. I only wish I had more time to talk with him, but everyone was requiring his attention and company.

Next year I'll be better prepared because I'll know what to expect.

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